Life at MML

I learned a lot and developed my skills working at Muthoot Microfin; most importantly the team has helped me realize my potentials.

Pimi Diljith

Assistant Manager

I always feel recognised at my work and that motivates me to provide my level best.

Karthigaijothi V

Relationship Officer

MML truly values the employees and provides all benefits. Moreover, work environment at MML far exceeds any company for which I’ve worked.

Sajeesh R

Regional Manager

The positive atmosphere at Muthoot Microfin is noticeable at all levels as MML is built on a work ethos of quality service, ethical action, and client success. People here feel appreciated and are recognized for their dedication and hard work.

Cadiravane. K

Chief Manager

Growth prospects are unlimited here, and you can feel it everywhere. Proud to be a part of Muthoot, where your contributions are valued and respected.

Dipin K Gopi

Associate Vice President

We are motivated by the vision of serving the underserved. The vibrant and energetic team here continue to boost my morale and brings the best out of me.

Sanjith T

Relationship Officer

At Muthoot Microfin, employees are not only pursuing extraordinary career filled with challenging, meaningful and rewarding work but also, they have opportunities of giving back to the society and create positive impact on the lives of millions of people.

All our employees are given equal opportunity to nurture their talents and towards this, every employee is provided with ample training, guidance and support. We promote and foster a work culture that always maintains work-life balance. Right from celebrating special occasions (festivals, annual cultural and sporting events) to conducting various other cultural activities, we believe in maximizing engagement with our employees.

Everyone is welcome to express ideas and suggestions at any time as we believe in an open-door policy to foster a culture of innovation within the organization. We value gender diversity in our workforce and are committed to promote it through policy as well as practices. Muthoot Microfin does not discriminate on the basis of anything that is prohibited by the law.

A summarised monthly Newsletter, capturing all the activities across the organization is published and circulated to all employees. It carries real life stories of people benefitted from our operations. The Newsletter also gives voice to the employees views and opinions and showcases their talent in various fields.

Muthoot Microfin