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How MFIs can contribute to the ESG framework

Microfinance institutions can play a major role in the society and economy by assimilating ESG framework as part of their business goals. Microfinance institutions have been playing a huge role in the financial inclusion and women empowerment movements in the rural and semi-urban sectors of India, as a key enabler [...]
November 5, 2021

How this microfinance firm is empowering women entrepreneurs in rural India with an app

With nearly 70% population living in rural parts of the country and many who migrated to urban centres too facing huge pay disparity, there is little empowerment of those hailing from the interiors of the country. Apart from the digital divide, another problem that grapples women in rural parts of [...]
November 5, 2021

Muthoot Microfin Limited: Promoting Women Entrepreneurship and inclusive Growth

Muthoot Microfin is one of the organizations which showed extraordinary resilience throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the pandemic did create an inevitable halt on its operations and lending activities, which is to offer simple financial products to the Bottom of Pyramid sections of the society. Mr Sadaf Sayeed, CEO of [...]
November 5, 2021

How is the interest rate cap going to shape up the microfinance sector?

Liberalising of pricing cap will encourage financial inclusion, earlier in difficult territories where cost of operation is high or risk is high, MFIs were reluctant to operate due to their inability to price loans as per their risks and costs. Now with new proposed pricing regime, a risk-based pricing can [...]
November 5, 2021

Muthoot Microfin plans to raise Rs 350 crore via share sale

Muthoot Microfin is planning to raise Rs 350 crore by selling shares during the current year, to fund business growth. Besides, the microfinance arm of Muthoot Pappachan Group is also looking to raise Rs 100 crore from Tier-II bonds. "We are looking to garner USD 50 million or about Rs [...]
April 25, 2021
Muthoot Microfin